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Superannuation contributions

Recently there has been a concerted push by some self-serving entities to increase the compulsory super contributions from 9% to 12% and possibly to 15%. The super industry spokesperson Vamos has been very vocal on this subject; but so have the Unions, yet the majority of the Union members will never accumulate sufficient assets to be independent of the Centrelink pension, and the means test for the Centrelink pension will always keep thir income low. So who would benefit from a raise in super contributions? The super industry collecting billions of dollars in management fees, as would many Union leaders who sit on industry funds boards.
Workers of Australia wake up to the “Great Australian Super Fraud” and make your voice heard; your Union representatives and you MP’s are not looking after your interests.
Other Associations like ACPSRO or COTA are not looking after the majority of their members who are on part pensions either.

t matters very little which fund you are with, in the long run the real beneficiaries of the compulsory super will be the super industry.
Here is what Bill Shorten told a delegation of Superannuation funds of Australia as reported in the Australian Financial Review 11 nov 2010:

[b]”The simple reality is that upping the super guarantee to 12 per cent is a huge boon for the industry”
It’s one absolutely founded in good public policy, but there is no denying it will benefit your business enormously.[/b]

Louise Dodson writes in the AFR 16.Dec 2010 in her article “Overhaul offers Gillard a chance to deliver”;

Australia’s unique national superannuation scheme provided a hybrid retirement income system and spawned an enormous new industry.

You can draw your own conclusion who will benefit most from the compulsory super.

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