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The rotten Systems

The Rotten Systems, and is there an Alterative?
The so called Civilizations since mankind came out of the cave, or maybe came down from the trees have hardly changed over thousands of years, because we are now as brutal to each other as they were in the stone ages; the only difference is, that thousands of years ago, men fought each other with sticks and stones, and now destructive weapons are used to the point that the planet on which we live could be completely destroyed in matters of minutes, if the potent weapons, designed by very clever people, put into the hands of not so clever, so called leaders, be they Kings, Dictators or just Politicians, and none of the latter display any scruples or courage to speak up against what should be spoken up against.
But in the so called Democracy, are the Politicians only to be blamed?
If a Politician speaks honestly, if that is possible, will he/she be re-elected at the next election; most likely not, and that is the weakness of a Democracy, the citizens in a Democracy cannot accept the truth, which may go against the voter interest, be it economically or otherwise.
How could Democracy be improved so that it becomes a better system of Government than all the other systems that preceded it?
Considering the previous systems, Be they Oligarchies, Royalties, Plutocracies or Communism.
The first three are only for the benefit of the few, based on either birth or other means, while the last would be the best, yet it completely collapsed after less than a hundred years, but why did Communism collapse so quickly?
The Capitalist always harp on the idea of being the human nature, and greed will always come out on top, when it comes to benefit humanity.
For Communism to work, the human mind has to broaden enormously, because if people think that Communism is a system made in heaven, they are very wrong, because it is obvious that if nobody is prepared to put in the effort he/she is capable of, and everybody has no desire to limit their consumption, the system cannot function.
But in any system, the main problem is, that there are always people trying to usurp the leading positions, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are capable of being the leaders and are not just in the leading positions for their own benefit or boost their big ego.
As most of the aspiring leaders have the ability to fool the common people, by first crawling to them, and when they are in positions of power they will quickly turn around and often misuse the power vested in them.
The people in power also have the great ability of surrounding themselves with underlings who will lick the boots of their leaders, and empower the leader to overcome any attempt to challenge their leadership
Many male leaders are often also controlled by their wives or female partners and are rather weak in reality, but very cunning to outwit their opponents, but in the long run, the society with weak or unfair leaders always suffers.
In a Marriage, where a partner with less ability gains control through having a thicker skin, in the end both partners will not achieve their full potential, and this will also apply in every other Organization up to the leadership in Governments.
That does not mean that the more skillful partner in a marriage should debase his/her partner, but for the benefit of both and the community at large, fools should not be leaders, but use their skills and talents for the benefit of a family, a group or Government, and the so called Indians are just as valuable to society as are the Chiefs.
Never, never should the leaders in society be left in total position of power, but should always be challenged to explain and justify their actions.
Unfortunately many individuals which are prepared to challenge the leaders or the system are conveniently accused of “Rocking the Boat” or called “Whistleblowers” and many times they pay a high price for their actions.
Also the leaders of any society should not be put on a pedestal and idolized like super heroes, and when the people in power talk about serving the Community, they should really show their true colours and admit that they are not in those positions for their own ego and like to have their nose in the trough.
How many families become career politicians; now if to be a politician is such a hard and demanding task, a parent would hardly encourage their offspring to follow in their
One way how Democratic performance could be greatly improved would be is , instead of having the Senate and Legislative Councils, abolish them and set up Committees of interested citizens to perform the task of keeping a watch over the Governments, and they should not be paid, except being remunerated for any expenses in performing their tasks.
There could also be some risk that this committees set up to keep the “bastards honest” do not become in to the same mould of the Australian Democrats, which although now completely obliterated, are a huge burden on the taxpayers, as there are many quite young ex MP’s enjoying the benefits of a generous parliamentary pension, with all the attached perks.
In the capitalist system, much emphasis is placed on the value of capital for the benefit of society, but is capital really so important for the function of society?
It is also emphasized that money has to work hard for the benefit of the owner of the money; but money does not work, only people work, even if they at times use animals or machines to perform their tasks.
There are two types of parasitic money in society; one is, where a person is not prepared to put anything into society and yet expect that the society supplies him/her with the means to sustain a certain living.
The second is the money gained with money, and this now almost exceeds the total money needed to run the worlds economies; in other words, what workers produce is distributed in such a way that the owners of the money can consume more of the goods than the producers of the goods, therefore this latter parasitic money is even worse than the former, because it is a much larger part of production.

The previous Australian Labor government has legislated for the biggest rort for the very rich; the tax-free super if paid from a so-called taxed fund, and that at the age of sixty.
Australian governments always provided the elite with schemes like family trusts and other tax-saving systems, but the tax-free super is really icing on the cake.
Most of the super assets have been accumulated with huge tax-concessions and the dividend imputations have helped the “Self Managed Super Funds” to avoid paying any tax at all.
As the government knows that the “Australian Super System” is just a very lucrative tax fraud for the very rich, the government sets up one review after another, at huge cost to the taxpayers, like Ken Henry’s “Tax Review”, Jeremy Cooper’s “Pension Review” eliciting submissions from different organizations and the public in general, but few individuals bother to make a submission unless they want to have their privileges maintained, and in the end nothing will change for the better of the average citizen.
The government knows that the Australian public is too apathetic to take any interest in the super system, yet Australia is the only OECD which means tests the basic pension, and the average Australian retirees are only second to Ireland as far as poverty is concerned.
Jeremy Cooper has recently mentioned in an interview with a Australian Financial Review columnist, that he runs his own “Self Managed Super Fund” and with a payment of $450,000.00 for the review, he is well positioned to contribute the maximum of $50,000.00 into it, so he’ll hardly be inclined to suggest to the government to change the super rules, because it would be very detrimental to him.

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