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Letter to Bill Shorten

March 24th, 2011 3 comments

Senator the Hon
Bill Shorten
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

7’th March. 2011

Dear Sir.
Thank you for your letter of the 1’st.of March 2011, in response to my letter of the 21’st.Sept 2010.
I have since written a letter to you on 18’thFeb.2011, and I hope it does not take you as long to reply to that, and also to this letter.

In the fourth paragraph of you letter you quote the famous “Three pillars social policy”, which have been quoted to me from many of other politicians, which were responsible for the social system in Australia. It is mainly in place for the benefit of the 20-30% of the privileged retirees in Australia.

You also put a lot of emphasis on what the World Bank, OECD and CSIS
Consider to be favourable to Australia.

What they really mean, is, if the Australian government can keep the bottom 70-80% of the population as income poor as possible, they will be able to provide the top 20-30% of retirees to live very much in luxury, by giving as many tax concessions to super as possible, and still be sustainable.
The Australian retirees are the second poorest, after Ireland amongst the ten Nations, mentioned in the attached report “Income streams” and that is due to the meanest “Means test” of the basic pension.

Could you please tell me which other Western or OECD country means tests the basic pension?

What is really unfortunate for the Australian workers and also for the retirees, is, that the Liberals look after the interest of the elite, and Labour party is no better, because many Labour politicians come from the ranks of the Unions, to join the elite, and that includes you; Larry Knight, will be turning in his grave, seeing how you benefitted from Beaconsfield and his misfortunate, and then look after their own interests.

Here are some excerpts from books I read:

In the book “Unemployment forever or a Support Income System and Work For All”, by Allan McDonald, on page 142 (h) it is stated: Any means tested welfare system requires extensive and complex state control and regulation. Australia is slowly but surely moving towards the ultimate outcome of a means tested social welfare system-state control over finances, the savings, and the labours of the poorest in the community.

Have the politicians of Australia the know-how and will to change the tax and social system to be more egalitarian, or was the late Professor A.J.Marshall right when he wrote, as quoted in the book “Equality and Authority” by S Encel on page212: “Most Australian politicians, he wrote, aspire to parliamentary seats ‘to better their salary, to inflate their egos and feather their nests’.

John Pilger in his book “The new rulers of the world” wrote on page 175: Like Britain and the US, Australia is a single ideology state with two competing factions, discernible largely by the personalities of their politicians. The difference between Howard’s conservative coalition and the opposition Labor Party is that Howards policies are not veiled. The Labor governments of the 1980s and early 1990s oversaw the greatest distribution of wealth in the country’s history: from bottom to top. They were Thatcherite and Reganite in all but name. Indeed, Tony Blair described then Prime Minister Paul Keating as his

Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy, portrayed as Democracy, but it has been hijacked by politicians and turned into a Plutocracy.

The biggest problem is, how to make the average citizen aware of this, because the media and government are definitely not interested to enlighten them. As reported in the AFR 17’th March 2011, “Shorten penalty may tilt bar”, Mr.Shorten has exceeded his limit that he can contribute to super and has been penalised by the ATO.
Join the super millionaires.

Yours truly

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