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Hawil the Bloody New Australian

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Hawil, the New Australian

The first job Hawil had in Australia, was in a factory by the name of Simpson Pope, in Dudley Park S.A.
Having never worked in a metal factory, it was rather a new experience for Hawil.. The first few days, he was given a grinder, and with some other workers, they were grinding off welding burrs on bed frames. Being new to this task, he was not performing best, in comparision to the other more experienced workers in this field, as he was trying to smooth too well the welding spots, which took too much time, and if he tried to keep up with the other workers, his work did not pass the ‘quality’ inspection.

The foreman in the section where Hawil was employed, was a man of some fifty years, who had no teeth and spoke rather indistinct for him too understand; in the two month that Hawil worked under him, he hardly understood a word he was telling him, but despite that, they got on rather well.

One day he made Hawil work on a press, pressing sheets of metal, aproximately one square meter into sides of washing machines. Before starting, he intended to give Hawil some safety instructions, which rather did not turn out the best. The job required, to put a sheet of metal into the slot of the press, while the top portion was up, and then make sure to keep the fingers clear of the press when it came down to shape the metal. The foreman placed a sheet of metal into the slot of the press and then turned towards Hawil, trying to tell him to keep his fingers clear of the press, which he himself forgot to do, and as a result, his right index finger was almost squashed to a quarter if its thickness. A very unfortunate lesson in safety! The job was rather boring, but he had to concentrate, so that he did not finish up with losing some fingers.

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