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The rotten systems and is there an alternative

January 8th, 2017 No comments

The Rotten Systems, and is there an Alternative?

The so called Civilizations since mankind came out of the cave, or maybe  down from the trees have hardly changed over thousands of years, because we are now as brutal to each other as they were in the stone ages; the only difference is, that thousands of years ago, men fought each other with sticks and stones, and now destructive weapons are used to the point that the planet on which we live could be completely destroyed in matters of minutes, if the potent weapons, designed by very clever people, put into the hands of not so clever, so called leaders, be they Kings, Dictators or just Politicians, and none of the latter display any scruples or courage to speak up against what should be spoken up against.

But in the so called Democracy, are the Politicians only to be blamed?

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