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2019 Labor, Labor losing the unlosable election.

May 19th, 2019 No comments

When Bill Shorten announced the abolition of sending cheques to self-funded retirees, who are not paying tax, for the franking credits on their share investments, I argued that this could lose the Labor the election.

Bill Shorten, grossly underestimated the greed of the self- funding retirees and paid the price for it.

In my humble opinion, Shorten should have the badly designed compulsory super, abolish the means test of the age pension, and abolish all tax concessions for super, and abolish dividend imputation.

The Australian social system provides every Australian with the safety net of the age pension, so why should the government provide such huge tax concessions for rich retirees.

I wrote about this previously, so I,am not going to repeat it here.

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